I modeled, textured, rigged and did this little animation in only a couple of days. I’m excited how quickly I was able to churn out a solid character.

I’m thinking of creating sprites to plug into the MUGEN freeware program (

Let me know what you think!


Haha, that looks pretty cool!, maybe you can add a few textures to make it look a little bit better.
Of course its not necessary if you wanna have a cartoon-like style, up to you :slight_smile:

I’ve started an animation with a simple robot character and my Wolverine model. The premise is simple: Robot took Wolverine’s beer, and Wolverine is going to get it back.

Sort of an experiment in animating a platforming situation.

Got another update

Great great Beautiful. I love the character, the animation and the humor of your shot. Also I like the walls and ilumination…please make more more !:D:D:D:D

Little bit more action:

very nice! subscribed!!

Just about wrapped this up. I still have a few moments in there that need tweaking. Let me know if something needs changing.

If you look back at my first link, the Red Robot leaps up really really high to the first platform and then follows it up with another impossible jump to the second platform. I initially felt it looked ok because he’s a robot, therefore he is able to perform feats humans can’t. But due to some nudging by arists I respect I changed those jumps to more realistic jumps. I think it’s better now, and it did give me some good practice with the Child Of constraint :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan on getting sound applied to animation as well.

Let me know what you think!!

Nice! That was fun to watch!

That was awesome!

good work dude … many mistakes but as its WIP its good enough…keep working

Draguu: It’d be awesome if you could point out some of those mistakes. I’d really like to see what you saw.