Sniper Rifle: Concept & Hard Surface Modeling Practise

I’m going to start this WIP thread to force myself to complete a personal project. I have a hard time doing personal work and things rarely get past the concept stage, so I figure if I start this the feedback might push it forward a lot more. I’ve been watching Blendercookie’s M4 modeling series for a couple of days now and I want to have a go at it, but instead of just doing the M4 I thought I’d concept up my own design and apply the techniques to that.

So here goes, day 1, I spent a few hours in photoshop painting up some weapon concepts and a rifle I did looked like a good candidate:

I’ll start blocking in the model next.

Almost done with the block out, just the trigger and lenses to go in then onto the subsurfing, I hope my topology is ok! :eyebrowlift2:

i like the design :slight_smile: can u post a wireframe? then we can have a look at your topology :slight_smile:

Not a problem, I still don’t fully understand topology yet so it might be a good idea to get some feedback on it.

it doesnt look bad at all now… one thing is that when u add details u want to add them as different objects… god work :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing it done :slight_smile:

The clip could be a little bigger. Eh, who am I kidding, it’s gonna be legit :smiley:

what about a silencer

or make it into a bolt action

Yeah make sure you make separate objects for each separate part. For example dont even try to connect the scope to the body in any way b/c it is a separate object in itself. Same goes for the barrel, ect…
Take a look at the blender cookie tut more closely and u should get the right topology forur model
I definitely like the concept though gj on that.

topology is basically just about making a model which is easy to fine tune and isn’t going to distort when you add a modifier such as subsurf… just a couple of suggestions, with a clip as small as that, i would assume a rather large calibre. possibly anti-armour. if this is the case, you would need a wider, longer barrel (you would need a longer barrel anyway. atm it looks more like a scoped carbine).

What about a silencer
a silencer would be highly unrealistic. if it were a .22 then that would be a possibility but, on anything with sufficient calibre to stop a target with one shot (indicated by the small clip) the silencer would be completely ineffective. from the current barrel i’d say it looks to be about a 7.62 NATO which, although fairly decent, one would still have a larger clip (assuming military grade as opposed to a hunting rifle)

I may extend the clip slightly, but its based around the idea of a 50 caliber rifle in a more compact agile format and something that would be used against lower grade kevlar amour, police/security stuff and still have enough of an impact on dragon skin/combat armor to seriously effect the wearer, while remaining agile. Basically a more powerful AMW.

The model is currently in 13 parts and will probably rise as I do need to put a bolt on it, I think, not sure yet I’ll see. Yeah I think you’re right about the length of the barrel too I might extend that too.

if I were you I would extend the clip (maybe to hold 10 rounds) but then make them a bit smaller rounds so that it is kind of an assault rifle/sniper hybrid. I say this because to me that is what your original design looks like.