Sniper rifle-GOW

The sniper rifle, anyone like it? :slight_smile:

if i ever put this in a game i want it to be the powerfullest weapon, like being able to blow foot wide holes in steel plates and concrete, maybe have infra-red, night vision and heart beat sensors that can be viewed by the sniper.

think ill make it belt fed, rapid fire sniper rifle anyone? :smiley:

anyway here it is.

ill have some more images up in a few mins

That’s actually not a bad–reasonably low-poly–model. I think I can see a couple of bugs with smooth shading on the shield, but that’s about it.

Yeah, and as a sniper rifle it’ll be great for stealth. Because it’ll just vaporize heads with explosive rounds, there’ll be no way to tell which direction the shot is coming from.

That looks pretty sweet.
I’m not sure what that spiral/spring are supposed to do, or the two legs. But it all feels like it is necessary.

It even looks cool and destinctive in the thumbnail - that’s a good sign.

hey guys, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

the spring looking thing is actually two high voltage wires that carry power to the laser scope and for the electronics of the gun/ aiming. the two arms are for recoil and also for manuovering the thing up and down since it would weigh pretty heavy. could also be stabliziers (bad spelling :frowning: ) when its mounted on vehicles.

the shading isnt very good, its just the edgesplit modifier, in game it will be completley smooth, but when rendering it looks crap with all smooth. will look good with textures though :slight_smile:

would be cool to have exploding rounds on it, would be cool to tag some one with exploding bullets so they think they have got away and then BOOM! :smiley:

could also have tracer bullets that flare up to pin point enemies for your troops, tracker bullets so you can track enemeis on the ground, could work for vehicles too.

Theres a movie that has a gun like this. Its called the Jackal, good movie if you just want to watch it, but its got a huge gun like yours. It looks awesome too! So if you want some reference. Looks alright to me, the only problem i see is the fact that you have a large gun mounted onto a little thin rod. So you might want to think about making it look a little stronger. Other than that, great work! T’would be great to use this in a game!