Sniper Rifle (WIP)

Modified M2010.

Update: Final submitted render at

Original thread:

How modified? Not sure yet. But here is the start

well done! will you also make textures?

Thanks. Yes. It will be fully textured.

A little bit more done on it.

A few hours of modeling got the model along. Still need scope, scope mounts, bi pods and then some accessories.

Who needs sleep? Well actually I do. This is all I am doing today.

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A couple hours last night and got the majority done. Still needs a few minor tweaks and then I can start looking at materials.

The geometry is a complete mess. Speed vs. quality modeling but just for a render and potentially a cnc pattern.

A fun model to make. About 8 hours on and off for the last 3 afternoons. Now have to add it to a scene.

Model created for a 3d weapons contest. I’ll upload the final scene on the finished projects thread.