Sniper rifle

I made this Sniper rifle. It is a fantasy sniper so it isn’t really based on the real world. Dont mind the not smoothy surface that’s just because I didn’t smoothed it well and I don’t want to render it again it just takes too long for such a small change. I want to know something what to add next on the rifle cause I could alot more I know but I just don’t know what so all comments are welcome!

Sniper rifle 1280X1024:

Sniper rifle 800X600:

All C&C are more then welcome!


The model itself looks very nice. I like the look alot. The only thing i done like too much is the stock. It seems to short for a sniper rifle. Its looks like it would be uncomfortable to hold.


Quite nice details. But I do have some other thoughts about functionality. The stock i short, the scope is almost quadratic is only attached with one bolt.

Maybe what you want is also some kind of safety catch and a grip surface in the front.

Oke updated the rifle added a standard and rifle and changed camera view. Let the model speak for itself:

And the wire:

C&C more then welcome !


Nice model, but maybe you should had a screw at the end of the canon, in order to add a silencer.

And there is no way to change the zoom and/or focus on the scope.
(if I remenber well, you are french so let me tell in french it would be easier : tu devrais ajouter des molettes pour régler le zoom et la mise au point de la lunette.)

Not bad at all. I was just wondering, what is that lower barrel? What’s it’s function?

My gun would also have a rounder scope, but that’s your’s and mine’s a different thing.

Oke the standard is updated and much better now also added a small scroll thing to adjust to scope! here is an animation of my gun:

And here a better render:

C&C please!


You still need to fix the stock.

What is wrong with the stock? I pretty like it and ofcourse it stays a fantasy sniper rifle so it isn’t based on reality and on other snipers.


There’s no slid in that gun(I take it that it isn’t bolt operated). Unless it’s some sort of an energy weapon there’s supposed to be somkind locking mechanism that feeds the ammunition from the clip into the barrel. Look in here for reference. :slight_smile: Good job nevertheless.

As already mentioned, the stock is too short. Saying it’s a fantasy gun is no excuse. With the stock that short it would be extremely difficult to even look in the scope or hold the gun. Sniper rifles always have long stocks.

Oke well it’s longer now and long enough I guess? So then this Modeling is done? or does anyone of you have any comments, suggestions or crits please say! Im gonna texture it later when i finished learning photoshop and so of no one has any suggestions im going to final render this one!

Sniper rifle side view:

Sniper rifle pose:


Its look great. I dislike the magazines - too short, Its only hard box without ammo.

I want it. Now!
(yeah, that ain’t no constructive crit, 'aight)

Awesome model Maaat, renders a re quite good too.:smiley:

I have a question. I see many ppl post WIP using greyish colors like the ones you used here. I think this looks rather cool. What is the trick to making it look the way it does? Yafray or Blender? Materials?

Thanks in advance


To get such a grey render (also know as clay render) You simply delete all the materials and light from the scene. Then go to the AO menu (ambient occlusion) Wich you can find at the World buttons. Then put it on and adjust the sample to your wish and all the other settings. THat’s it

The only problem is that AO takes long to render but it gives nice renders.