Sniper : started suit

This is the start of the sniper character i am working on to accompany my ruin in an animation materials just rough not the final one just trying to sort out the clothes and the fibres and stuff



well…at the moment it still looks like a caucasian bushman. What kind of style are you working for?

lol i duno a all round sniper camo its gotta be slightly urbanised but not to much i duno whether to use scripts no offence to anyone but i seem to preffer to use blenders internal features on ma work as i think then i cna call it ma own but if need be i will use a script to get better results so might use the fibre script if i cna be bothered to figuire out the settings to get good fibres for camo at the moment im using blenders internal statc particles with halos

it has to fit in with this i know the materials do not yet but i need to work on them



The ghillie suit fibers need to be longer and more clingy.

Jacket Pic[/i]

Pants Pic

Suit Being Worn Pic

Sorry they’re all in woodland colors
Here’s a low quality desert camo pic, which I believe will fit with your surroundings.

So basicly he’ll look like a bush walking around with his face sticking out but that most likely would be painted with grease paint, Which would add alot to your model.

Hope it helped,

(Good-natured chuckle…) Right now it looks like a member of the Blue Man Group on a bad-hair day. :wink:

(And I trust that you will take this comment with the broad grin with which it was certainly intended!)

lol thanks for the replys well if it ent set out to be good it gave us sum laughs neways lol yeh i really du need to work on it real bad lol might be able to bump map it

I’de say, work on a bush…then put the bush on the man :P…forget the chewbacca hair hehe

lol yeh thats a good idea actually just modify a bush lol :stuck_out_tongue:

heres the ruin little animation to show it from all angles pretty jerk but was quick so… (1.1mg)

Click here to watch ruin



woah camera is nausiating. I really like the environment. For the guilly suit, it looks to fluffy and thin. Id try modelling it, i think that will get the best results.

yeh i dnt think the particles match up to the real thing cuz in the suite ure guna get random clumps cuz its kinda matted so i think modellings guna be the best bet. yeh the camera animation was a bit hit and miss lol.

any one have any techniques on modelling the suite they wud be appreciated



right ive started on the suit, heres the front it still needs work like smaller bits and more mossy bits etc. tell me what you think also if it looks better with sub surf on or off? oh and take no notice of the rest of the model i just need to know what the front bushy type bit is like not the rest as it will all in time be covered

sub surf on:
subsurf off:



Reaper, please work on your grammer, I cant understand you.

sorry boss lol so any comments?


p.s magma its grammar not grammer :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, i definitly like the modelled better than the particles, 100x better, i have seen many different types of ghillie suits, so its kinda hard to judge it. Multiply that around the body and see how it looks?

Yeah the modeling looks better. Try what Artaures said and put it around the rest of the top.
It doesn’t appear that it may be full enough, so maybe you could fill it out with fibers in between the modeling? Just a thought.

EDIT* Subsurf looks better

thanks guys, yeh i need to do a lot of work as in make it go all around the mesh although i do like the idea of mixing the particles with it which could give me the mossy bits i am looking for thanks again still working on it