sniper turret

so far i only have the legs done. the out-of-place center fraim is strictly temporary and WILL be made better. it was only there to help me model the legs and distance them properly.

the back 2 side legs are supports for firing a rifle with a lot of kick. they will fold up using hydrolic pistons. the other 3 legs have springs on a few points to center the main platform (which is now that weired, out of place, frame.)

Not much to crit on right now but the legs are looking pretty good! Can’t wait to see how this project goes along!

That’s an interesting idea.

ok so i finished the meshing part. i have a bunch of pics…

like i said: lots of pics :wink:
im still not done including the indicator lights on the front so if youre wondering what all the random tubes are for on the front, thats what.
lemme know what you think

try rendering it with AO, that would help us see the definition in it

i am assuming that you only have the basic lamp, try more complicated setups and you will get somthing really cool

I think you could convert this into a walking spider robotic rig with a few more legs. Now that would be cool.

yea as i was making it i was thinking “this looks a hell of a lot like the scarrabs from halo 3” =D

well heres a bit of an update. i have texturing done. probably still going 2 add some fancy look’n random wires here and there but thats roughly done. lights weren’t cooperating w/ me. especially on the first one where you can see the lasers there is supposed to be 1 laser light and 3 l.e.d. looking indicator lights but i havent been able to figure out the l.e.d.s yet, hopefully one day =)

here’s a few pics:

im open to crits and tips (especially on how to do an led effect).
lemme know what you think

Well I dont know if youve started working on the textures yet but I would definitely work on the metal texture. unless it isnt supposed to be metal.

The mode looks great but the lightning sucks :(.
Change the cube surrounding your model with a skydome and add a spot light which is dupliverted to the skydome setting up a fake GI.
You might also consider using AO and you definetly need to add shadows.

yes. just follow this simple equation:

AO + raytraced shadows - box walls = sexai

haha yea 2 bad i dont no how 2 do ANY of that lol. any tuts i could follow?

ambient occlusion


  1. select lamp
  2. press F5 and go to “Lamp buttons”
  3. under “Shadow and Spot” make sure the “Ray Shadow” button is enabled
  4. press F10 and go to “Render buttons”
  5. under “Render” make sure “Ray” is enabled

If you want fast renders go with spotlights and buffered shadows and not raytracing. Also if you need softshadows you either have to use arealamps and raytracing or spot lights.
Take a look at the lightning section in the blender manual that should give you a starting point for good light setup.

ok here’s the newly lighted render

something still doesnt look right. any suggestions (tutorials are very helpful)? also i still don’t know how to do the LED looking lights. if anyone could make a tut for that it would help a lot

You need shadows? Can you show the setup of your scene?

I am bit baffled about the concept of “Sniper Turret” … Thats all.

ok this is my setup.

oh and eradicor, in case you’re confused, it’s a robot sniper turret. totally unmanned and self guiding. this could probably be used to set up in a hurry to get real snipers out of the line of fire and it would be more accurate because it is eliminating human error. there ya go.

oh and i figured out the LED problem!
Here’s an updated picture:

I guess in that case its ok. If its self-mobile.