SniperScope/ camera zoom; How?

Ive been able to animate the focal length of a camera before in BGE in past versions, but I can’t do so in the newest version. Am I missing anything?

I just animate the focal length at one frame, then go to another frame and change the value to something less or more and animate that. then apply the appropriate logic bricks. But this method doesnt work…

It should work, as nothing has changed that I can recall, though please feel free to consider a second opinion.
Therefore, it could be that the issue lies at the point at which you attempt to use the Animation.
Common tricks are useful, such as checking that you force Blender to save animations, as that was disabled during 2.5-6 for some reason. Another trick is to use a debug property - and set the value from the Action actuator, so you’re sure that it is actually playing. Lastly, make sure you’re actually in camera view.

Thanks! I checked to make sure it was playing, turns out I didn’t set the animation for the focal lenght but for something else :o.
So, now that this is solved, how would I make a sniperscope like here:

I’m not really sure what that is. To make a sniper scope isn’t to hard, but my definition is a blackout of the screen, apart from the center which has a circle of visibility and cross hairs.

I don’t really know what that is, but in my opinion a sniper scope is always a blacked out background, with a center of visibility and cross hairs. if you develop your request a little, I’m sure we can find a solution.

That looks like an overlayed plane with a video-texture (from another camera) on it.
Have a look at the real-time mirror tutorial at tutorialsforblender3d

maybe also with viewPort is possible?

Yep, the viewport code (with a few modifications to get the size different) works for that as well.

I guess the viewport script could work in this case… Ill give it a try