Sno Pro Project.

Ok here’s the thing. I have a brother in law that has a sweet sno-machine(sno mobile for all of you in the lower 48), and I wanted to model it in blender. I did the normal picture taking of front, side, rear, and top to make sure it looked perfect. I began by modeling it using a nurbs surface and realized that it has many contours that are going to be hard to do. Like the hood itself has a number of different intakes so one surface just isn’t going ot do. I need help, if you guys know of any good tuts let me know.


what brand/model of sled? I have never seen a tut for modelling sleds, but would like to model mine someday… (2002 Polaris 800 rmk vertical escape) (But I can’t take pics of it as it’s in storage at my dad’s cabin out in the mountains). So…if you could upload your pics (on my server :wink: ) I’d attempt model it along side you…slowly…
You want to detail all the internals? Or just model the body? High poly/low poly?

Thanks for finally replying, I thought no one would help me out.

Anyways, I am not entirely sure on the model but I do know it is a Arctic Cat Sno Pro. I have a background for modeling it, I’ll upload it if I get the chance. All I was really wanting was a tut that explained surfaces. I have seen the car ones, but it’s not the same. Because you have an obvious 4 sides on a car. On a sled, well you don’t. Thanks.


The nurb tools in blender are very limited – use subsurfs instead. Here is a link to a vehicle (same principle)