This is a project i am working on atmo what u think? at bottom update at bottom latest render

Needs a few tweaks.

like what?

Are you going for a simple low poly scene?
Or are you going to make it look realistic?
Im going to comment as if you were working toward realistic.
-Needs a floor (of course)
-Have the lamp have a spot light in it with rayshadows on.
-Make the table longer.
-(are the balls supposed to be all red with a lot of extra balls?)
-Add the pocket holes.
-Add some nice low yellow lighting for that pool bar feeling.

ye i under stand all that, that it need a floor etc the thing i dnt get is u sed that the balls are all red and some extra if u have ever seen snooker you will realise you have some reds then black brown yellow pink and blue green i under stand that was just the start i rendered using ya fray and looks quite cool wit toon shading etc.

Oh I was wondering why the topic said snooker. Sry.
Yafray for toonshading?
Why do that?
Heres a good toon shading tut.

I have NO idea what snooker is, but I will say your table’s edges are too thick. (the part on top that keeps the balls from rolling off; the wooden part on top)

i have done toon shading already onn a render i have changed parts made the table bigger and a spot although i think it looks better in yafray a realistic render that a toon one that y i posted the realistic 1

  1. You need a floor.

  2. It would be cool to have a spotlight lamp shining on the table.

  3. You need pockets.

  4. Make the legs look a little more rounded, they look too square.

I think you need quite a bit of work with the models before you start worrying about rendering with Yafray or whatever.

Just take a look at a real table like this and you’ll see many of the things you could do to improve your scene. Just a few suggestions (some of which people have already mentioned): thinner and more-rounded legs, rounded edges on the table, pockets, a lamp (like in your first render except more detailed), a floor, green felt that covers the edges of the table as well as the playing surface, and longer chalk (that blue thing that you rub against the end of the stick). Also, one of the red balls looks out of alignment, and there appear to be a lot of artifacts on the table so you should Remove Doubles and Recalculate Normals Outside (Ctrl-N).

Good luck! I hope future renders show improvements because I haven’t seen anyone do something like this before.

this is the new kinda version the first one is rendered with yafray and the second wit blender which one is the best c&c plz i kno bout the floor and stuff already

My eyes!!! :o

you should put the pockets in the walls of the table, not on the green part (i dont know what its called)


update :smiley:

Wow, huge improvement :D! It looks great! Did you turn on OSA? The chains look wierd right now and that might help.

My only crits are with some of the texturing (which I’m sure you’re getting anyway), and maybe fiddle with the light that comes from over the table, air generally does not show light that well unless it is much cloudyier/mistyier (can’t think of the right word) than your scene makes out.

Great job!



Nice really a good update :smiley: try to use the area lamp, know that is a really time stealing render, but it will look more cool that it dos now.
KUTGW anyway :smiley:

Make the edges of the spotlights a lot softer by increasing the “SpotBl” slider in the lamp settings. :wink:

cheers for the comment i have worked on the textures a bit and added a few mirrors in the back ground aswel as a rail on the bar and turned on OSA

Think in composition: Maybe you could change the camera angle a bit, and add something to fill in the empty spaces, if there are. So the scene won’t look unequilibrated (Is that the word?).