Hi guys, is my experiment on Random of Object Info Node.
After participating on Cgcookie Architecture rendering contest, I found out I’m constantly duplicate the same material just to slightly adjust or replace difference dirt map of the material. So i decide to create a node group that can change difference dirt map randomly (like 2 to 4 type) in just one material. Here is my first attempt on a slightly simple procedural material of the snooker ball (numbers are texture).
C&C are welcome, thanks.

My node setup

Probably good for some other project, but I’m sorry to say that (afaik) these are the balls used in snooker.
Node setup looks interesting though, have to examine further into that.

Thanks, I’m not a fan of snooker, just know them only. I search image reference via google, then found this kind of snooker ball, and I thought it have more texture/color variation for my experiment, so I decide to used it. :slight_smile:

Well CarlG is right, these aren’t snooker balls. Just call it billiard balls and everything is right :eyebrowlift:
Besides the name they are a bit to reflective in point of view. But reflexions them selfs looking great.

Thanks, maybe I have to change the tittle though. :stuck_out_tongue: