Ok so last night I threw this head together and practiced with the AO lighting and I really like hows its looking. Now I’m sure we have all run into this before once in a lifetime maybe - I created a head I like and now…how am I going to do the body? I plan on animating this model also. I have the eyes already set to move in the direction of some empties, and I’ll place bones as needed later when I have the model done. I thought about doing a snail like body but I kinda want some limbs to work with. What does everyone else think?

lol, you could do some pretty funny animations with that. From what i can see the modeling looks pretty good, the textures a bit repedative though. I think that legs would suit the character better than a shell yes, although it would work either way.

Well heres an update of Snooter. I decided to make him humonoid. I think Im going to add some yellowish scales to the front part of his face that hangs down through the middle…and after I finish making his legs I think I’ll add a overcoat or some kind of trenchcoat like material for him to wear.

looks like he’s straight out of a StarWars movie :smiley:

if you want him to look realistic, you’ll have to UV map him eventually though.

Wells here’s an update (it’s about time too!) I know I really need to UV map him but that mouth pieace really gets in the way and Im still trying to figure out where to put the seams. Im working on a project for a friend that he wants done soon so I havnt had much time to work on him, but he is animated at the momment and I do have two other creatures for him that I’ll show later that will be in a animation with him.
As you can see I have changed the face quite a bit. I liked the look of how the texture layed out, but there are spots that just dont work out around him heres an example above the eyes:

So a UV map it is…wish me luck, send me tutorials…and I’m thinking about looking into how to work with Normals. - any suggestions?

Sorry if the recent pictures are not up - geocities is being a arsch. So I switched to photo bucket and now lets hope for the best from that site. Here I got snooter a enemy now and a few poses of him fighting against Kill Bot.
So I don’t have a complete story line filled out yet, Mainly a comet comes down on Snooter’s Planet (really a way of transporting the kill bot) Snooter leaves his home and heads to the gate as the guardian of the gate (gruff - who is stone face guardian, pictures to come) Tells him about the comet and something has come with it…something not good, as Gruff can feel the earth. (Gruff is fully animated to talk, he has good texture over his eyelids and has a veggie tales like eyes with little pebbles around his mouth area for lips in the gate wall) - And thats pretty much the start.
If anyone wants to give out ideas, or even join in on the animation fun let me know. Ive got 3 characters rigged (Snooters arms are a bit iffy rigged if you ask me but work) I dont plan on getting this done in a certian time limit so its no rush at all to anyone if they do join in the project. I just mainly wonder about landscapes - never really stepped into that world yet of blender