s'now board time!

I took advantage of the off season and bought a 2004, 157 Lamar Mission snowboard for a good deal. Now I can’t wait for next season. :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering if anyone else here was as crazy about the sport as I am.
Here is the website I bought it @: http://www.wiredsport.com
And here is the awesome flash site for Lamar: http://www.lamarsnow.com (p.s. You will luv this site.)


hm…ive never tried to snowboard before, but it sounds fun!

i skateboard, and ive heard snowboarding can be easier than skateboarding sometimes. so i hope i can try it out sometime, maybe ill actually be good at something :wink: lol

Whenever I try, I spend most my time laying on the ground in pain with snow down my pants.

Why are you talking sports? Hello, we’re geeks here!! :wink: No, I’d love to be good at something like that. Or anything. Besides academics. That’s probably the one thing that the better I do the more of a loser I feel like.

Yea, it can be hard at first, but after u take one or two lessons u should get the hang of it. Kinda like blender. :wink: