Snow Boarder

i’m making this guy to be used in an animation, but it’s not going to be put online, cause it’ll be fairly high quality. I’m not too worried about poly count cause i haev the spare time for rendering. I’ve rigged up what i’ve done so far, the head needs a bit of work because it’s too square, but i think it’s a decent start. i may also have to replace the pixar eyes with black pupils to save on render time.

A good start indeed!

The head would need some more attention though, just as you said. He doesn’t seem to have a forhead and the lips looks a bit off. Other than that it’s a great job so far!

  1. The hands are perfect! His arms seem a little short though.

Can’t wait to see him snow boarding down some slopes!

thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve pretty muched finished the rest of the body, but i still need to fix up the head, mainly lips, but also the overall’s the current pick, he is now rigged, and the bottom part is my starting scene. keep the comments coming. good or bad i can handle it :smiley:

neeeeeeeeat !!

One thing though, the hands appear to be kinda flat. It might be the angel I’m not sure.

ya i think his hands are okay, but his wrists deffinetly need work. Whenever he bends them they look like that, sort of gumby style or inflatable, but i think thats more of an armature weighting problem than a moddelling issue. thanks for the reminder though, i’ll fix that fter the lips