Snow Drop Engine - Next Gen RT Engine

Well, Massive’s next title “Tom Clancey’s - The Division” gets it’s very own engine and I am quite astonished.
Lot’s of stuff in it I’d already wished for in other engines and to me it seems as if it looks nicer and performs better than Frostbite or CryEngine.

It’s not like there’s anything unseen before in the engine, it’s just the detail and combination of features that makes it seem really nice.

But enough yadder, just watch and be sure to watch in HD :slight_smile:

Tech Demo:

Some Gameplay:

I don’t know if the game’ll be any good, but I’d surely want to try it just to give the engine a go :slight_smile:

On a sidenote, I think this level of detail and quality puts a whole new level of pressure on the graphics department producing textures, models and levels. One of the reason why I welcome tools like the new substance painter, cheap 3d scanning solutions, cheap DIY mocap…
Else it will become impossible for anyone without 200 people and 100mio USD to produce a game, keeping up with big studios.

You already see the gap with lots of Indie devs going back to “retro” and “8-bit” and “2d”.
They’re just lucky the time’s right. I am certain it’s not that they don’t want to produce games of higher visual quality, they simply can’t. No money, no time, no manpower.

Big Thumbs up to Massive in Malmö. Go Swedes! :slight_smile: I was really amazed on the way they can destroy objects, but also! how shaders adapted to the environment, there´s a scene with melting snow and it looks SO real. how it get like ice slush, especially on the tarmac. But theres a cop car also and if you attention to its engine hood it´s clearly noticeable.

wow, looks amazing. Noticed the player closing the car door at 3:34 ? Incredible!

Any more info on the engine? What other games may use it? Wil there be a free SDK like for CryEngine?

Nope no further information thus far, the news are as fresh as they come.
They only revealed “The Division” and “Snowdrop” at this weekends VGX. The game is scheduled for next year.

But I guess with the hype that’ll follow now that the videos are out, more information is to come soon.

This looks incredible. Hopefully this will run on Win/Mac/Linux equally well (including publishing tools, editors, etc.) and on all the major consoles.

This is one of the games I will definitely give a try.
I looked at all trailers and gameplays with my little company at work and my chef was also absolutely amazed about the moment, when the player closes the door of the car. :smiley:

One can hope but I do not think they will be releasing an SDK for SnowDrop. It sure does look amazing though.