Snow man

im rather new at blender but im Realy loveing it this freeware Rox my Sox
anyway i made a snoman :smiley:

modeled in anim8or
(i need to learn to model in blender :wink: )

Haha nice original snowman, only thing is where’s his mouth?

hahahaha… great first render… the eyes remind me of this creepy little girl i made for last weeks weekend chalenge…

now if you need tutorials on modeling in blender then check out these links…

also search the forums here for specific questions you might find… and if yah dont find what your looking for then just ask…

happy blending =^.^=


i made this today i love the shading and the raytracing

oh and just to lighten your spirits i can model better than what ive shown
(just not in blender)

On the superman logo, you may want to try removing doubles to remove the artifacts on the right side.

Keep practicing. :slight_smile:

Wanted to say that my first animation software was Anim8or, it was cool for learning the basics, you are doing a smart move starting to use Blender :slight_smile:

See you :wink:

my first animation software was Anim8or and OpenFX
but in that time i didn’t know so good what 3D actually was
now i know what 3d is for about a year and i see the world trough other eyes(but i still have my glasses :wink: )