Snow mountain - with birds and sun

Hi ! This is my first landscape (finished landscape, after many try)

Hope you like it ! And how can improve myself ?


Hi! Looks pretty nice.
I wouldn’t use Defocus - it makes the montain look like miniature.
The huge birds add up to it. Compared with the mointain they are too big. Ok to be fair its not able to tell where exactly they are located, but it seems like they are soaring on the ridge.
For the lighting: The sun is facing towards the camera, but on the mountain surface you can clearly see a light source coming from the left.


Thanks a lot! :grin:
It’s true that it looks miniature to me, and I didn’t know how to make it realistic. For the birds, I was afraid that they would not be seen, but now that you tell me that, they look very big. :sweat_smile:
I still have a lot of work to do before I get a good result…

I tried but it’s ugly down there, isn’t it? How can I fix it please?

Nice, but the birds will not be so white, and the sun is behind them.

Yey, much better in my opinion.
And yes i agree with @Bullit about the white birds. Furthermore I don’t have any birds in mind which are white and that live in the mountains. I could be wrong though, but i think it looks more believable if you turn them black. Also they will be more visible.
Now the mountains being in focus I realize the snow has pretty strong bump. It should be more smooth.

Now the position of the sun somehow triggers me :smiley: of course it is not wrong per se but it looks kind of strange at the mountain peek. Try how some different positions.

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Yeah you’re right, black, they will be more visible, thank you so much for the advice !
So much work before being good… :worried:
I have trouble with lights.
I will add, like in the picture, tree for more realism
Thank you again !