Snow Mountains

Hi guys… It’s been long time not post in this forum, I’m going to do some work for out latest movie The Adventures of Wanara , and now I decided to make an image that allows me to learn about shader and textures, that is mountains with snow shader, although I used Blender internal render engine it doesn’t mean that I’m not use cycles to make my other rendering, I still learn cycles since cycles become the most issue of Blender now a days…
Hope you guys can give me feedback for more improvement in my next rendering… All done in Blender … Thanks :slight_smile:

This the compositing node

Wow that looks real nice. But I think that your vignette is a bit strong, as is the dispersion in the corners. Perhaps a before grade and after grade image would help.

Very nice work, I really love the lens distortion! Did you use the ANT Landscape generator to create the mountains??

Thanks for feedback David… If you have reference how to make a good vignette and dispersion it would be help… :slight_smile:

Thanks thomas… yeah I use that add on… you can see my setting here… :slight_smile:

It’s looking really nice so far. It’s always been difficult to create believable landscapes with the ANT generator, so props to you for that. Otherwise, I’d just say that perhaps the chromatic aberrations on the mountains towards the edges of the render are out of place. They are very noticeable, while in reality, chromatic aberration is a very subtle effect that adds to the believability of the shot. I’d tone it down just a bit. But again, it’s a very well done landscape render, and your texturing and shaders are very good.

Big Thanks for feedback Jake Shadow… actually I put chromatic arberation like that to feel camera zoom in with very fast zoom in movie… but I agree with you, in reality chromatic arberration is a very subtle effect… Thanks again Jake Shadow… :slight_smile:

This is the vignette node setup that i usually use.
I use the eclipse mask to control the rotation and size of vignette.

Awesome work & thanks for sharing your set ups.
A very impressive use of in built tools & addons :slight_smile:

Thanks for that kind of information blink_cg… :slight_smile:

Thanks Meta… hope it can help… :slight_smile: