Snow on moving tree

First of all i don’t know if i’m placing this thread in the right place. The problem touches the tree editor from sapling add-on and, as i believe, duplicating and converting it to the mesh for creating “the snow”.

But first things first:
I create a tree from add -> curve -> add tree. Then i add armature and an animation so they look like they move in the wind.
Now i’d like to put the snow on its branches. I planned to duplicate a tree and its armature and converting it to the mesh, then to model it to something resembling the snow. The problem is that converted to a mesh tree isn’t connected to armature, so tree is moving, but its “snow” is not.
Any idea how can i stick this armature to a mesh (to the “snow”), so both tree and the snow’s armatures will be moving in the same way? Or maybe somebody knows some other way to do this?