Snow tutorial

(DAK) #1

I would like to model snow, but am having bad luck with partiles. Is there a tutorial on this?

(S68) #2

Not sure, but you can try this:

1 make a plane top of your scene over the limit of the camera,

subdivide it some times, so that you have a fairly thick mesh.

Add the Effect ‘particles’ to that mesh, set Tot fairly hight, set Rand: to a nonzero number, not too big, set force (Z) to a negative number.


If snows flows up set the Force (Z) to a positive number :slight_smile:

80% of the trick will be on a nice halo material.

If you also place some X and Y force you can somewhat simulate wind.

Have fun


(Koryo) #3

Hello DAK,

I’m not aware of a tutorial on snow, but I found Bart’s snow.blend very helpful when I made a toboggan/sled scene a couple of years ago. You can find the blend on this page.

I hope it helps you. If not, post back here and I just might write a tutorial on it.

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(Tol) #4

Yep, I wrote one snow tutorial few weeks ago. Here is url

To shame- still czech version only, but soon there will be english one too. At least there are some pictures with particles adjustment.

There is rain tutorial too:

(Tol) #5

Ah, I almost forgot.
Here is the blend file to the tutorial. Go to ; chose english version and click on Download
Name of the file is