In a way, I have to chuckle. It is not odd to have at least 3 feet (1 meter) of snow during the winter here. Sometimes the snow gets half way up the house. Sheese, a little snow? :eyebrowlift:

oi… if it were january, -4c and the amount of snow in the article would basically be tshirt weather where I come from.

OK, maybe not for everyone. I shovel snow in a tshirt, so maybe it’s just me

There’s a bit of irony with the snow falling in London, it was at the same time the house of commons was debated a ‘climate change, must save the planet’ bill for the third time.

Also, when was the last time so many cold records were broken or tied any day of the year in the U.S?

BTW: The forecast here calls for nice indian summer weather, but the whole thing gives way to bit colder weather in about a week,

hmm, most sane british people know that the Daily Hate…oh, sorry Daily Mail isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on or the webspace it takes up.

I’d laugh if it wasn’t one of the UKs most popular dailies.

Oh and CD - in before lock!

Thanks for the information CD - as always you are source of the good stuff.

Do you know that climate change is not the same as “oh no, temperatures are rising everywhere”?

CD. You still haven’t shown your certificate that you are a retard. I’m waiting.

Do you know that climate change is not the same as “oh no, temperatures are rising everywhere”?

Well the media seems to blame everything on climate change these days.

The recent early arctic punch has permanently etched itself into the books, we’ll just wait and see what the next punch brings and how many records fall down as a result.

If the media lies, why do you use the media to prove the media lies?

Have you ever heard of bias?

Also, I quick checked the forecast temperatures for North America and Russia for the next 5 days on Intellicast. Looks like there will some big cooling for areas of northern Canada/Alaska as well as cooling in the western U.S, Siberia looks like it’s in for some big cooling as well, South America and Australia will probably stay warm like they have been so far in their spring.

With that cooling it looks like the arctic would be re-loading on cold air, I wonder if that means the U.S will be socked?

I used the maximum temperature forecast data

Here’s Australia if you want to see warm temps

How to you know if the media you use as reference is not just as biased as the media you say is biased, only for a different point of view?
Actually, it is biased, because if you say the media is biased, and use the media do discredit another part of the media, you need to be sure to pick only certain manifestations of the media. In other words, it’s a bias.

to much “media”… my head hurts is owned by WSI Corporation who’s PAYING clients include CNN,FOX,NBC,Bloomberg.

So your saying the only trusted sites and people are the self-appointed priests of climate-change?

If so then I bet you’ll still believe them when you’re dusting off the snow most of you British folks just got recently? I bet you’ll still believe if your car needs to be dug out from a ton of snow in the future? I bet you’ll still believe because you believe the IPCC are run by people who are like gods manifested in human form to ‘save Earth’?

My, my, off-topic has been an enormous flamewar lately.

There’s been some snow over here in Pennsylvania, but I haven’t seen any of it, despite the fact that I live on top of a medium sized mountain. Hopefully, the snow will come up here soon- I want to ski again.

There was snow in several areas of my state 6-8 days ago, particulary in the western part. Didn’t get any snow here in Wichita though the high was nearly 20 degrees below average.

Once again… please, this time, READ IT and think about it.

I really don’t care if you believe it or not. What bothers me is that you use climatic events related to low temperatures to discredit the ones that believe in climate change.

Yeah it was a bit chilly this morning. I didn’t really want to get out of bed, but I did anyways. So it didn’t snow, but it was chilly.

In St Ottery (south west of the UK) there was 4 FEET OF SNOW, RAIN AND HAIL IN 2 FUCKING HOURS.

Well from my knowledge of Climate change, it has been known that Great Britain will see harsher weather conditions. As melted ice from the Arctic flows with under water currents Great Britain is expected to see more Rain & Snow. Rather than more sun over the next few years.

I look forward to some snow. :slight_smile:

Also note that the earth is closest to the sun in January. So I get the suspicion that the southern hemisphere would experience bigger extremes in temperatures under climate change and we would get more precipitation

Another thing to take into account is the precession or “wobble” of the earth’s axis. If I did it right, the axis has wobbled roughly 3 degrees and the tilt has changed about 0.3 degrees in the last 2000 years. Not sure how big of an impact it has, but this means that light hits us at a slightly different angle

Now don’t take it from me that this is what’s causing it. It could be just a part of it. Whether or not climate change is caused by us doesn’t matter. Don’t pollute so much. You wouldn’t punch a bear in the face to find out if she was hungry or not