Snowball Smash game - Blender3d and Sio2

I’ve been using blender for quite sometime and I’ve always wanted to use the GE. Recently I bought the Gamekit in hopes of learning how, but then I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Make a game for the iphone using Blender3d and the Sio2 engine!
So I made the game design and the models (based on concepts by our two artists)

Two months later here it is, waiting Apple’s approval.

We used blender to do the models and create the level. I’m so happy to finally use Blender on a commercial project, and prove once and for all that 3dsmax and Maya aren’t the sole competitors in the industry of games.

The point of the game is to not let the looters get a hold of Santa’s gifts. If three gifts make it out of the game area you lose. It’s dead simple and loads of fun, we are already competing for high scores using Openfeint :slight_smile:

Here are three ultra low poly models --we need very simple geometry so there can be a lot of enemies on screen

a in game shot

and a prop that was modeled in blender and then turned into a billboard

Hopefully it will hit the appstore sometime next month. If you want I can upload some pictures of the cutscene, which was done by our very talented 2d artist.

I hope I can use blender as a working tool for many years to come because it has only gotten better and there’s something very romantic about free software. The community tends to be more supportive and tighter.

What do you think? Feel free to comment :wink:

This has been a great learning experience and I can’t wait to share more with the blender community

PS: the texture on the penguin is quite poor, but since we were on a tight schedule and during gameplay you couldn’t tell how poor it was, we let it be for now. Gotta be smart and chose you battles wisely in game developing :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude that’s kickass, love the lil characters there

Awesome,Awesome to the Max! I wish I will one day, use blender for a commercial project…I sure hope,I know what am I doing by then…

Thanks, I’m hoping to make a gameplay video soon so those without an iphon/ipod touch can see what the game is about.

I’ll also be putting some development essays on the blog, to share the learnings and funny stuff like the recording of sound.