May all your snow days pleasure you :slight_smile: .

Very cool man. good job!

That’s refreshing, It’s a drought where I live.
Good Work!

its weird usualy its very cold here and snowy too but rightnow when i look out the window, the snow is missing :sad:

Great work : )
There is kind of poetry here.

That must go to the gallery!! Really like it! :smiley:

Very nice!

Heh, I like it.

cool! nice idea, the snow looks nice

Sigh It needs to snow here in PA… Nice render!

Very nice, the texture looks really good.
PS It would be nice if we had some snow here in NC too.

Good work!
i really like that snow.

Very nice render. Great work on the textures plus a VERY neat concept

Lovely, if there’d still be snow here I’d make one on my front yard. :smiley:

HAHA nice stuff man! i loveeeee snow!!! like the use of the logo

lol. Very nice indeed :wink:

Heh, cute idea. Made me smile. :slight_smile:

great image - love the fading background and colours used.

Hey! It got a rating! It was’nt a real serious project, just something I felt like whipping up, took a couple of hours, I was mostly trying to test out a way to make good looking snow. My next project called “Want some Hot Chocolate” has better looking snow. Thanks for the rating though, I think it’s the first I’ve ever had (sense the whole rating system is new and stuff).

I’ll post my snow settings some time, probably when I finnish my next project, it’s gonna rock :slight_smile: