Snowboarding Blythe

After my last long project I wanted to do something quick that didn’t cause my laptop to explode - so just for fun here is a snowboarding Blythe doll:

Wow love it, one of my ex loves Blythe. Do they actually have a snowboarding one? Just curious

Great work! Everything is looking great.

Thanks! No idea. I don’t really know anything about them, just saw a few pictures and thought it would be easy/fun to model.

Lovely model! Very realistic doll with lots of appeal! i would love to see the wireframes and material setup!

Thanks! Here is the base wireframe, the clothes have multi-res sculpting of creases on top:

Any material(s) in particular you are interested in?

Very elegant wireframes, great work. I’ll save the image for a reference!

Materials that I would like to see:
Porcelane (skin)

(in that order)

Eye is an Iris from Google Images with some texture paint. The outer eye is just a Glass shader with the standard shadow trick.

The next two are pretty similar in that they are a mix of SSS and glossy. Skin is just texture painted in Blender

Hat is a texture from CGTextures

Finally the hair is similar to what was discussed by several people in another post in BA (sorry, I forget which one):


so scary eyes