I had made this for a submittion to WC #38, but I forgot to submit it! Argh! I tried to make the snow as realistic as possible. The snow on the ground, in the trees, and the snow that makes up the snowman are all procedural using the Hterrain plugin. This really is a great plugin- it allowed me to only have snow on the tops of the branches which makes it look a lot more realistic. I’m still open to crits.


You’d probably have gotten a fair amount of votes for that.


very nice picture. I likz the way the snow is looking. It’s like you say: only on top of the branches is that more realistic.

I would move the camera.

  • a little bit backwards so that the snowman is completely on the picture.
  • or a bit forward and to the right so that he is prominent in the picture

just some idea’s


Nice pic but something’s going wrong with your lightning : your sky seems to be back lit but your sunlight comes from the other side.

Your snow looks good but you should try to add a new channel with a reflective bumpy noise to simulate the snow cristals.

Last thing, I don’t like the flakes, try to improve them maybe with a motion blur ?

That’s a niece piece of artwork anyway.


In any kind of skylit situation, snow is blue, picking up a lot of the sky’s color. Direct highlights should be white or even yellowish, meaning you’ll have to use and orange spotlight for your sun.