Snowflake and Icicle generator

This looks great!

First post updated, all issues fixed now and some new additions:
Snowflakes: create full/partial snowflake, new button to convert to 3D using method in the first post
Icicles: option to re-select base mesh instead of last icicle after adding icicles

Currently bouncing between 32 bit 3.74 / 2.75 linux and 2.74 Windows.

Icicle works. Snowflake doesn’t.

I’m expecting to see the AddMesh: Snowflake option in the Addons after selecting
it. It’s not there. Unlike the Icicle Addon.

Each time, to be sure, I restart Blender.


Here’s the console:

Yes, don’t know how I missed that. Quickest fix until I upload again: there’s a typo in the first line of the snowflake script, instead of “sbl_info” it should be “bl_info”. That should sort out the problem. I’ll upload it later on in the week.

Anybody else not able to install the snowflake addon in 2.75?

Apologies, was convinced I had uploaded that fix. Should work without a hitch now! (Tested in 2.76b)

Sweet! It works…:yes:

Same problem with me. I tried Blender 2.78c and 2.79. FAIL

A pity that this tool was abandoned. Any chance anyone could fix it for 2.79b? I wish I knew how to code in python.

Help yourself (7.4 KB)


Thanks for updating the tool. Honestly I thought it was capable of creating a more detailed icicle as it does only create a bunch of cones. Thanks a lot anyway.

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Apologies guys, this kind of slipped away from me. I’ve intended on at least keeping it working between Blender versions, with minor improvements here or there over time.
First step in doing this for me is moving over to GitHub, so you can find both projects there now (code is currently the same as the .zip in the first post):

Icicle generator

Snowflake generator

Will get on updating in my (limited) spare time, and am looking forward to delving into 2.8 at some stage and hopefully making things a lot better with that.



hi, here’s a basic update for Icicle gen for 2.8. Hopefully it helps you update any new functions easier. (14.2 KB)


Thanks @Meta-Androcto for that, it gave me a start porting the whole thing over to 2.80.
Spent the weekend working on the Icicle Generator, now on Github as well:

Icicle Generator Blender 2.80

Will get on writing the documentation during the week. More or less the same, but is now available in the right hand side of the 3D view, and only works in edit mode.



I`m feeling retard, but i cant install this addon.
I tried to install downloaded .zip, tried to repack it, unpack. nothing worked. Its added to C:Users/name/documents/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.8/scripts/addons/ but it still not working and does not appear in addon window

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Same issue here, it wont install under 2.92 either ;-(
I wonder if someone can get this fixed. Winter is coming…

It installs but when I want to enable it I do get an error. See attached:

Sorry folks, underestimating how popular this seems to be.
Will look at these current issues, sorry that it’s taken me so long!

Icicle script has been updated and tested for 2.82. Will need some more time to double-check 2.9 compatibility.

One of the issues preventing install was the folder name, so that’s been adjusted.
There was also an issue with adding cones for the icicles which has been fixed.

Have also added instructions to the readme for installation/usage:

Deleted, works in 2.9 after restart of Blender.
One thing I noticed though, in smaller sizes it seems its not creating the kinks.

Apart from that, great job. Thank you!

Small Icycles|690x416

Glad to hear!
There was one or two things that might have affected the install which I’ve fixed now for 2.9

On skinny icicles you won’t get a kink as the calculated offset isn’t big enough to see (in theory).
I’ll add that to the list, need to go back and look at the measurements again.

You could try playing with the scaling if you need the kinks. Make everything a bit bigger to start, then scale it down to size (I don’t think I’ve accounted for scale in the script yet).

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