snowflake rendering problems

Hi everybody.

Essentially I’m animating a snowflake, in a way that different parts appears from alpha 0 to 1 at different times, while the camera is flying trough. I stumbled across all these problems:

  1. while the camera goes farther and farther, the central part vanishes more and more
  2. if an invisible mesh B is between visible mesh A and the camera, even if alpha of B is 0, the cam cannot see mesh A
  3. i would like materials to not cast shadows
  4. sometime the cam flies across a part of the snowflake. Imagine it passing trough something like a sphere. I’d like that it could receive the light from outside, like if from the inside the mesh is alpha 0, even if from outside it is alpha 1.

Ok, that’s dramatically all… :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help