SnowFX - Snow Painter/Generator for 2.8

SnowFX is an add-on that lets you add snow to your objects in a dynamic way.
You add a snow system to an object and use another object(snow helper) to define where the snow should appear. This tool has been updated for 2.9+ & includes a snow painter & many other features.



Really impressive. will give it a go when i get home.

Cool, will you be releasing variations in future? Like sand build up or mud splash? Also a slightly different noise/surface attribute could be subtracted in a boolean operation to create damaged surfaces, like wind erosion, rust erosion or concrete desctruction. It would be nice to paint those in as you do with the snow box.

so bad, i cannot open

are you using a mobile browser? And try this:

How long is the discount going to last for?

It will be available until Monday of next month.

where can we find the tut to build the snow on the pinetree in the first post?

The SnowFX tool is back & includes new features for Blender 2.8!

Learn more:

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Hi @Albertofx
Is it ok you tag the thread as commercial? (Click on the title and there are categories).
Sometimes I want to search for paid addons, and sometimes free addons specifically.
Hope others who didn’t, will follow as well.

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I began to redo real snow but holly cow this one is not cheap. if you need to paint a whole scene good luck anyway

Will SnowFx ever be compatible with Blender 2.91?

Yes, I am updating it right now, working on a better snow paint system.
I will send out updates when done.