Snowman modeling problem (The mouth, specifically)

So I’m trying to model one of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon frames (minus Calvin and Hobbes). This one actually:

I’m having trouble with the mouth. I made the snowman out of three UVSpheres and I have no clue as to how to model a mouth like that. I was thinking about doing a filled circle and then just putting it on his face but I don’t know how to mold it to the sphere. Any tips would help a lot. Thanks.

You can’t hotlink that image (apparently) so you’ll either have to give us the link to the page or upload the image from your computer as an attachment to your post.

Until then I can only guess that you probably need to split your mesh where the mouth should be (select some edges, press V-key, move mouse down a little then click) then model an interior for the mouth. Work in solid mode when selecting the edges to split.

It also depends on whether you intend to make a still image or an animation.

So this is what the picture is supposed to be, sorry for the non-working hotlink. It’s going to be an animation. It would be really easy to do just a bunch of little spheres but his mouth really shows all the emotion at being chased by snow sharks.

If that attachment doesn’t work for some reason then this link should work:


Delete some vertices from one of the rings in your UV sphere to make an opening for the mouth. Shape the vertices around the opening into a circular open mouth shape. Select all these “lip” vertices and extrude the edges, move them back inside the sphere a bit. Extrude them twice more, moving back some and scaling down some. Join the final extruded vertices with Merge>>Center.

“Help! Help! Snow sharks!”

Calvin’s a hoot. Looking forward to seeing the animation.