This is my first blender work it is a snowman

open to C&C

He’s got a very small nose.

Thanks I will make it biger

Is it reflective? If it is, I think the reflections look a little out of place. If you like reflections though and want to work them into your scene, I suggest placing the snowman on a surface of ice and make the ice reflective.

Looks good other than that :smiley:

Thanks I will see what I can do about it .

For Mazui here is the re render of the snowman

here is a new render

Better now. Since you live in a very hot place you may not know much about snow… it isn’t reflective (like a mirror) at all, so the mirror effect should go away. Unless it’s a porcelain snowman. :slight_smile:

I made a snowman a while back…fades into nostalgia

new render
no reflection

Nice. :slight_smile:

Now all he needs is a top hat and some twigs on the arms.

You could try a scarf and gloves, if you want a real challenge!

Ok i will see what I can do about it