So I made this picture after learning from that Blenderguru tutorial. But I did a couple things differently that I think makes it look a little better… Subsurface scattering, a really fine normal map, and better snowflakes. Tell me what you think. Here is the link to the higher resolution version LINK

PS: Look at the high resolution version before commenting. It’s harder to see the details in the low resolution picture.

Nice work mate!
I like your improvements :slight_smile:

Geez, every time he makes a tutorial, there are a bunch of posts about his tutorial.

geez every time someone posts about a tutorial, someone whines that there are people actually learning blender

? That doesn’t make sense. I was just saying that everyone uses the tutorial. But good job pissing me off.

if you meant it positively, my apologies, it sounded quite derogatory to me with the “geez”

Apology accepted.

Now hug it out.

A compliment from the master himself. I am honored.

ok, back on track

the environment is too grey, should have a blue hue to it

but otherwise, great composition and modeling (i guess :))

Good call. I actually never got a chance to finish the background. So if I really wanted to I guess I could finish it at home. But maybe i’ll just try to make a rainy scene :wink:

Nice composition. What’s that blue speck doing at the bottom right? :smiley: