My entry for the blender cookie snowman contest.

Your opinions/critique please :slight_smile:

Here is a larger version, so you can see a little more detail. Thanks

I really like it but there’s nothing eyecatching. Nice work and good luck!

It’s definitely a good start. If you’re looking for some suggestions, here are a few:

  1. Turn the snowman so he is facing toward the center rather than toward the outside edge. it will help with the composition.
  2. The snow texture needs some work, especially on the snowman. Currently he looks more like he’s made of 3 boulders rather than snow. There is an excellenttutorial that covers snow on that might help you. Also take a look at his lighting setup.
  3. Frosty is much to smooth! Bust out the sculpting tools and make him more lumpy. Do a google search for snowmen for reference.
  4. The lighting on the snow in the background is contradicting the lighting/snow texture of the foreground. I’d reduce the contrast of whatever your using for the background and lighten frosty and the foreground.
  5. I just noticed the tie. It could use some depth. maybe bust out the sculpt tool on it as well, then extrude it to give it some depth. Also, a splash of color might help liven him up.
  6. the hat could use some work too. I think something like this might help give him a little more character.
  7. I think increasing the size of the lumps of coal used for his eyes, making them different sizes might help too.

Anyway, like I said, its a good start. The main issues for me are the snow and lighting. The rest are just suggestions to help give your piece a little more depth. Happy Blending.

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions!

About # 4 - I modeled the background mountains by hand, and am using a sun-lamp as a light group/shader for the snow. I am using a node texture for that. (much like we’ve seen in Andrew Prices nature academy mountain tutorial). Is there any way to not have the sun lamp cast light, but still work as a light group to project a texture onto a surface? In short, it’s likely bright in the background due to the sun lamp that I’m using, but don’t need it for lighting purposes, just texture projection…

I understand what you are saying, but I like how it is looking away- almost adventurous.

Yes, eyes are too small, hat, tie, and gloves are a little strange.

Try translucency on the snow.

I really like the leaf.

i have found (using cycles sorry) that a VERY small reflective vorroni texture creates good snow. i would go for the very tiny sparkles created off of the faces of snow flakes,
i like the tree and grass, mabee add detail to the leaf
its a good render but the snow man needs work

There is. I’ve gone through that tutorial myself. I believe he mentions a step where you set it to not be “renderable”, but I can’t remember exactly. Another option would be to create a separate render layer with the background and fix it in the node composite editor. Sorry for the late response :slight_smile: