Originally I created this to be a picture for a chapter of a podcast I was working on for
Syntax Records, but continued to work on it afterwards.

The picture attached is an earlier version. I have been playing around with the subsurf scattering feature in Blender. I liked the way it made things look but since then have
tried to improve the lighting. I just can’t seem to get it right.

I’ll upload a more recent version so you can see how much things have changed.


Nice and snowy.Your picture does not help the fact that I am in a room at 15 degrees (Celsius) however.

Could you show a printscreen of the subsurf scattering you used? I am still poking the subsurf scattering tool and not getting any response

Here is the most recent render. (withough OSA). I just haven’t been able to figure
out the right lighting. I really like things about the first render I posted but now SSS
seems to be acting differently. All I used in the first was a simple lamp or 2. After
trying to make it brighter and add spot lights and a hemi it got too bright. I tried going
back to using sime lamps (after adding more snowmen and objects) and the ground
seems to have attitude problems. I can no longer see shadows like the first picture
shows. The ground and the snowmen share the same materials. I tried giving them
separate ones but they don’t seem to interact at all. I don’t know what happened.
I’m wondering if adding that little pond has anything to do with it. Maybe causing errors
because their meshes intersect? I don’t know. It’s funny how simple things get


I forget how to do printscreen on a mac. I do a google search really quick and get back
to yuz.

Oh and…snow. I grew up in Michigan. You should move to San Diego like I did. It’s
great out here. Lately I’ve been getting frost on my windshield in the morning but it has
not gone below 46 degrees yet (as far as I know) and it gets nicer in the day. Like hoody

Here’s the SSS settings for the latest version I posted.


Thank you for the capture

Up here in Canada however, there is snow and snowmen just like in your picture. I take it there is no snow in Sand Diego, and hence, no snowmen.

Yup. No snow or snowmen…but I did see snow last winter for about 15 minutes
while I was mowing my old landlord’s lawn. Nobody else saw it. They must think I’m
crazy. I stopped what I was doing and looked closely at them landing on the lawn mower
and melting a split second after they touched. Ever since I moved out here the weather
has been changing in the area. I hope I didn’t mess up the climate.

I definitely don’t miss driving on icy roads. Too many bad experiences and nightmares.

Here’s the old version SSS settings.


I tried rendering both version again to get that initial display that shows up when using
SSS. You know, the stuff it show before rendering the sections the way you see them
in the final passes. I don’t the lingo so please don’t get mad. I’m just trying to make it
make sense.


OK. At this point I’m almost thinking SSS is new and still has a lot of bugs to be
worked out. I even went as far as separating stuff so nothing was intersecting
and only put one lamp in the scene. And still there are no shadows on the ground?
I might as well start from scratch with new materials. SSS is a freakin sweet feature…
when it works. I hope they continue to improve on it.

Maybe it only works on simple scenes with very few objects or something. It was looking
great when I first started working on this project but stopped doing the things I liked as I progressed.


heh I like the toony feel… they’re sweet…but I think the plural of snowman is snowmen…but snowmans sounds funkier I guess XD… oh and sorry about your sss problem… it sucks when something like that happens

Haha. Snowmans was typed wrong on purpose. It’s the title of my project.

SSS problem. It happens. Something almost always seems to happen when I get
and idea and start creating. Because I get so impatient (can I blame my ADD?) I
usually end up moving onto someting without finish it. I’d like to see myself finish
this one anyway. So far I’ve been working on it here and there for just over a week.
So yay! Do I count as a Blender artist?

lol more than I XD… I’ve never completed a single scene… These guys were cool though…did you have ray tracing off maybe?

Nope. It was on…[goes to double check again]…yes. it was on.:yes:

I’ve decided to stop working on this project until SSS is capable of working properly
with more complex object. It just doesn’t look right without. SSS is what made it
look cool in the first place. There’s no point in continuing without.