Snowmen's hat wave texture problem

I’m doing a CG Cookie snowmen course and I’m stuck on this part at 19:31 where he put a wave texture on top of the hat and I’m having troubles. The wave texture is acting weird on top of my hat please help.

My blend file

My hat wave texture

Hat wave texture from course

Hi, I found a way to solve the problem. I downloaded your Blend file. Delete the middle faces (which form the top)
then select the vertices at the edges
and press ‘’ F ‘’ to fill in, press ‘’ i ‘’ to ‘’ insert ‘’ then delete the face. With the vertices of the face you deleted selected press the shortcut ‘’ Ctrl + F ‘’ and go to ‘’ Grid Fill ‘’. Finally, lower the face of the middle according to what you want.

Can you maybe show screen shots of how you fixed the problem to make it easier for me to understand?

‘’ Sorry, new users can only put an embedded media item in a post. "I made a video for you, follow video:

I hope I helped, friend.
I’m a beginner in the field :slight_smile:

Thanks :grinning:

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