All done in blender, rendered with BI.


Very nice isometric render :slight_smile:

Now this is something different , we see so many futuristic and sports car vehicles here, It’s kind of refreshing to see somethnig unique like this. The model looks reallygood, may needs some scratches or a little rust. I’m also impressed with your snow.

You should really consider putting it in a real scene with a tighter view of the vehicle. Nice job!

Second That.

Very nice model and surrounding. Great work on the snow and dry grass !

Maybe you could use your machine to clean the path around my ranger station ? Elisabeth is tired of doing it with a shovel ! :smiley:

Very nice and I love the detail of the snow. But how does this machine work? It looks like the track carrying the snow goes up to nowhere.

I really enjoy island tile scenes like this.

@deltaray : This kind of machine is usually followed by a truck or has a trail to take the snow away from the road. It is used mostly in urban areas where you can’t throw directly the snow on the side of the street because of sidewalks and parked cars.

I want one :stuck_out_tongue: Great Job!

Is Sean Connery driving?

Is Sean Connery driving?

AhAh ! Maybe this machine is a product of Q department for retired old spies !