Snowy Alps

This scene is a quick demo for a mountains asset I’ve prepared. It’s going to be used as part of a bigger Blender animation project. I’ll share more in the future :slight_smile:

The project takes place in the Alps, between Italy and France. Thus, I’ve prepared with Substance Designer a simple and quick mountain height map generator.

It accepts different parameters and shapes in order to generate realistic enough height maps.
I’ve then used the height maps with Blender to set up a quick demo scene using Cycles. In this case, to speed up rendering, there is just one mesh instanced multiple times to generate each mountain. Every mesh uses the same material (a combination of two textures from ambientCG). Then, the height map that I have generated using Substance Designer is applied on each instance using the Displace modifier. In this way, the scene is quite lightweight.


I have prepared another material demo render, this time using my own snow and rock (created with Substance Designer). They fit the project better. My snow material feels more like snow covering stone, leaving its shape and cracks appear under its white cover. The stone material’s vertical stripes contribute to the mountains’ sense of overall height.

Hope you like it!