Snowy and Fall Scenes

Hi, it’s been a while since I have posted anything, but I have somthing that’s good and done so I guess I’ll show it, enjoy.


thats very good, i like the snow material.

very well done

Nice feel overall, but the trees look a bit strange, and I can’t help but wonder why there’s no snow on the bridge. Is it heated? :wink:

I think the trees are supposed to look strange because of the cartoon feel to it.
Your right about the brdige though.
But a nice picture.
it has begun snowing here tonight, but unfortunately not like on your picture.

turn down the spec on your tree bark. Up the nor a bit on your water texture and you might even have a rock or two in the creek. Other than that it’s nice, almost like one of the dr seuss christmas stories kinda feel to it. I keep expecting to see a Who :wink:


hmm, good work
just like a cozy cartoony christmas movie :smiley:

you could still improve this image,

  • the river needs some work
  • and the trees, you could tweak a little with that script, it does produce some good results
  • you might want to brown up the leaves a little
  • you could show some snow clogged on the bridge edges as well

you’ve done well here
keep it up

That’s really cute, I like it ! :smiley:

I’d like to see some snow on the trees and bridge but besides that I think it’s perfect.

All my snow has melted… :frowning:

Thanks for the replys!

The material is just a Cloud Texture set to nor, and a Ramp with a hint of Blue 8)

Your right, accualy, I was aware of the lack of snow on the trees, but I completely forgot about the Bridge :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the spec on the Trees is too high, it might also be that I did a Glow effect in Postpro, and it made it even brighter
I was thinking of adding stuff in the Water like you said.

I’ll be sure to do those things, and as for the “Script”, what script? :stuck_out_tongue:

garphik wrote: hmm, good work
just like a cozy cartoony christmas movie

For a cartoon movie this is ain’t that bad. Actually this is better than most cartoon movie backgrounds that I have seen churned out lately on TV.

Back on topic. This is a nice picture. The lighting is what sets the mood. Everyone has put enough C&C here, so all I can add is that this is good work, and kep Blendeing.

Looks great. One thing would be to edit the trees so they don’t have the spike on top. They would end at the last crotch of the tree. Other then that it’s a great scene.

Holy moly! :o

This piece could really work in a movie or game.

How did you modeled the tree O, if you don’t mind answering. Did you just use extruding to model the tree. It looks exceptionaly fine :wink:

I really love this scene, I’m currently using it as my desktop background :slight_smile:

Thank you for this picture!


It’s very nice, has that Christmas greeting card feeling to it. The trees could look a bit better, although it’s good that You didn’t use Lsystem- although it usually looks good, it wouldn’t match the cartoony feeling.
Other than that- what other people said. Good work!

What I really like about this image is the composition, color, and especially the light.

From a distance it looks super- such a great feeling.

Up closer, some details could be improved, but overall I really like the feel of it- the warm holiday cartoonishness the others mentioned is appealing.

Thanks for looking all, sorry I haven’t posted sooner, I was working on the different version.

Ronson2k3: I wasn’t sure what the top of the trees should look like, your absolutely right.

Wolf: For the trees: each branch is a seperate piece, I have tried to do the Extrude-thing before, but it just takes to dang long :wink:
Your using it as a Wallpapper, really? me-too :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a 1280X1024 version if you, or anyone else is interested.

j0llyr0ger: I noticed the same thing 8)

Well, hope you like this new, Fall version.


Nice Autumn Scene too!

Now we need a Summer and Spring Scene. Then make it a wasteLand scene will all dirt, rockes and dead trees, then another scene with tall buildings all around then… Kind of like that children’s story 'The Little House".

Great work again. Only crit is the houses still have snowy roofs but we found this detail because we are comparing to the winter scene lol. I especially like the trees , rocks and river. The bridge could use some more details, it’s too monotone in my opinion.