Snowy landscape


it’s June and so I tried to model a snowfall over a gloomy landscape with a fortified outpost :slight_smile:



But the snow looks too drawn out vertically. Like it’s falling fast.
If it’s supposed to be very wet snow that’s no problem :slight_smile:

  1. pofo

You got the cold and dreary alright. Is that the Great Wall of China?



Dry snow is somewhat happy, this render is not :smiley:

Well, not exactly, but I got inspired by that :slight_smile:


u catured the wet feel perfectly! that snow, though maybe a little too stretched, has got great feeling to it…its very real and actually makes me feel like making snow angels…no snow here, but theres a sand box next store
::dumps stolen sand on rug and jumps in it screaming “flatten angels!!”::

the outpost looks very good too, and the ground textures are very nice but look a lil flat :-?