Snowy Mountain...

I’ve been trying to make a snowy mountain for a while, but could never get dot product in cycles working… until now:eyebrowlift: This is one cycles procedural material, that’s it. I added a plane above to cast shadows of clouds on the ground and used the sun size to tweak hard edges.

[email protected] how u do this step by step i love to learn how to do this very much.

This entire render hinges on this one material, if you apply this material to any ANT landscape generated mesh you get a render similar to this:

other than the weird distortion of the sky on the back it looks very cool!

What a complicated node setup!! :eek: I for one can never achieve something like that. I just don’t get these nodes… :spin:

@NRK, I think that’s awesome! Given my rudimentary abilities, it took me a while to rebuild the node setup, but it works like a champ. Thank you!

O/T: Your info says Washington state. East side or West? I’m in Spokane.

EDIT: @Mellor, I don’t want to sound preachy, but when you say “I could never…” you’re probably right, but it’s going to take a long time to know for sure.

I’m in Vancouver so I’m quite a ways from you and I’m also a little too far from seabug too:(

Yeah, the picture is one I took of clouds a while back and I didn’t even bother to form it into a proper sky texture so I deserve that comment (and me being a cloud guy and all I feel kind of guilty). I could have downloaded sky textures from somewhere, but I kind of like the freedom of being able to post the source files online for free and don’t like the restrictions of texture sites. Anyway, I fixed it and reuploaded it, thanks for the crit.

Don’t give up! I don’t understand 90% of the nodes I use. Lots of times I just drop in a math node and change through modes until it does what a I want in the render viewport. In fact most of the nodes I use don’t pan out and get left in the node setup (the ones in the middle of my setup for instance that uses the noise texture to mix the colors that I didn’t circle doesn’t actually do anything, I put it in to try and vary the color of the rock, it didn’t work but I never deleted it (that’s why both colors in the mix node are the same thereby nullifying it)

I think that the sky is too bright in comparison with the ground. It indicates that the sun is casting a lot of light, while the snow close to the camera looks like the sun isn’t shining very strong. In addition, snow reflects a lot of light, so naturally I’d be much more bright.

Anyone who doubts the power of procedural materials needs to take a look at this thread now! Great job :slight_smile:

Thank you for the node setup and the additional explanations! :slight_smile:
I’m just starting to work with cycles. So this ist very useful for me.
Btw: Your Render looks very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive comments, I too struggle with nodes so any crits on those are appreciated.

The dark spots are intentional shadows on the ground due to the clouds, I tried brightening the white and felt it didn’t look as good. Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion though, I appreciate all feedback.