Snowy mountains

I’m currently following “The Nature Academy” course by Andrew Price, and as the current week theme is about snowy mountains, here is my last render. The rock texture is fully procedural.
I have updated the image with foots steps in the snow after the character, and improved a bit the shape of the character himself.


Wow looks very realistic! Nice work. how long did the render take?

Thanks. It renders rather fast : around 2 minutes in 1920x900 at OSA 16 with raytracing.

Great job. Yess, it is very realistic. I love the black and white one!

Hello, I have updated the page with new renders showing snowy firtrees.

I know that there are some troubles with some branches of the trees… I will fix that later (it is 03:37 in the morning !)

Ok wow the trees are completely wrong scale, fix than and u’r good to go.

either those are 200 (61 meters) foot mountains (they look more like 20,000 (6096 meters) or those trees are 1000 feet which is a world record.

Otherwise, quite good.

Great job!
Trees are indeed too big : their scale makes the mountains look like a maquette.
Furthermore : that high up there normally are no trees …

I know that there are few or no trees at this supposed altitude. It is just an attempt to make enough realistic firtrees under snow…

On the other side, the scale is given by the character walking towards the pass. So the trees are not really tall. It is just the top part of a small mountain, instead of a big one far away.

The scale is still off. If you look at the behavior of the rock and snow, it apperas that the mountain is quite large. Also, if you’re going to add trees, add more below them too.

I am currently rendering a scene with smaller trees, and one in foreground on the side of the image. They have thicker snow on them. However, I plan to add a lower mountain in foreground to put the trees, with less relief. So, they will no more be on the rocky mountain, but instead on a hill at shorter distance from the camera. Maybe I will have to change the proportions of the image to allow everything fitting in. I tried with 100 trees instead of 20, and it requires around 17 GB (last test) of RAM ! As I have only 8GB on the motherboard, Blender has to use disk cache, and rendering takes around 45 minutes !

as dOMINUS I think at this altitude there is no trees anymore.

There is an effect you could try add (i don’t know how):
On this exemple, there is a very dramatic wind effect on the edge.

There are no trees at high altitude, but there are rocks at low altitude… There is no information about altitude in my image. We see the top of a mountain in winter, but around here, there are rocky mountains around 1700m with trees at the top.

Here is an example found on the web :

Well, Blender crashed two times and the memory seems tonot be purged : last rendering attempt required more than 20GB !

I reboot the PC, and try again ! I made the trees real instead of particles, and increased their geometry with modelled snow on them… Maybe too much for my machine…

OK, well, after some troubles, I finally not applied the Particle modifier for trees. I have cut a part of the terrain mesh in background, where it was not seen, and I have put it in foreground with trees. This time there are no trees on the mountain itself, and the mountain is in background. Updated image (a bit of photoshop on the right tip of the mountain to add some snow blown by the wind) :

Ah, that looks much better with the trees in the foreground.

Hello, I have updated the page below with a new image. It is a rough render, and I still have to work on it, but it is to show you the new firtree model that I have just made. This time the tree is completely in volume instead of flat UV mapped branches with some modelled snow added. Despite more vertices in the model, this one doesn’t requires Subsurfacing, so the polygon count when rendering is almost half of the former tree !

The amount of snow can be adjusted by selecting various layers of textures, and using the SPEC slider of the material as well. It can be set from no snow at all up to heavy snow. What do you think of these trees ? More natural or worse compared to the previous previous (Updated, the previous is no more online).

Hi, I liked these when you first posted them in The Nature Academy. Nice improvements since your first version.

Looks amazing, good job!!!

Thank you ! I hope I’ll have some time to create some nice snow scenes for my next Christmas cards !o)

Hello, I come back to post a link to my current work. The Ranger Station scene will use the mountain environment and background created previously. The scene becomes to be quite big, and though, there are still some coming details and props ! No compositing at all in the Park Ranger Station render so far :