snsd sketchbook

Thumbnail post.

Male face, no ref, 15 mins

1h50min dragon head (I’m using an egg timer for these). No ref, no initial concept/drawings, head sculpted straight from primitive, then horns and neck arranged from spheres and cylinders and resculpted. Initial form and detailing around 30 mins, later finishing.


Awesome work snsd! Very cool forms, can’t wait to see more.

Reuploading those faces, rendered in cycles.
30 min, no refs, there’s a face on the back of her hair, but kinda sloppy.

Mildly reffed from someone else’s CG, 10 minutes.

Ref from photo (en face), 40 minutes, hair as separate mesh (snap+solidify+sculpt pass)

Very cool style!
Your last post is really impressive!!!:yes::eek::eek:
reminds me the great stop motion platicine movies of the 70’s-90’s.
your sculpt look good in every angles.

i am also hypnotised by your dragon.

If you’re speed sculpting, then I guess it’s understandable if some of these is rough around the edges (or the geometry literally is rough).

Though it would be sad to see the Dragon go to waste just because you ran out of time, he has the potential to really look good with a bit of cleaning up and refinement.

@filou.rod: Thanks a lot for the kind words! It gave me a lot of a motivational boost :slight_smile: And yeah, I’m a huge fan of Harryhausen. Tried to get into stop motion once, but it’s really really messy, and a lot of chemicals and issues you have to deal with.

@AceDragon: I want to get more feeling of the tools and methods before I start finishing stuff. I have the attention span to go 72+hours at it, but this would be inefficient, I would be correcting my own mistakes for 60% of that time.
I want to learn how to do things quickly, get a reliable workflow, understand raytracer behaviour on shapes. If I’ll spend so much time at it, there will be a lot more things I won’t accomplish (texturing, rigging, normals/displacements, baking, animating, etc).

Trying to get 1 sculpt per day, alternate between fun and learning. Here a late-night generic alien head, 35 minutes, no refs, from sphere. I was busy for most part of the day testing meshdeform rig with driver displace texture for deformation corrections. I’ll post that thread in my sig in a second.

45 frames gif, 4 megs. Let me know if this is acceptable to publish such big files, or how to better present 3d models.

very original work!:yes:
very sci-fi and also very exotic civilization, perfect mix.

as usual it is a real sculpt, very homogeneous, so it’s really cool you have posted a turntable!

Maybe you could try to use more advanced shaders (like Doris,Michalis or Sanctuary in the dyntopo thread).

I think these are great too!
Its encouraging that you are able to do such a good job in such a small time
I’m trying too, but the hair is causing problems for me… do you have any obvious tips?

Keep up the fantastic work

Unlocked at OP request.

I haven’t been sculpting much recently. GPU had driver problems, no time to troubleshoot etc. #JustBlenderyThings ;D

And then some time ago Psy-Fi coded a request I’ve made in the Dyntopo thread, and… well, I just had to try it out. I’ve abandoned sleeping for a while, and we’re back on track!

No symmetry, 26 minutes. Rough shape from metaballs, rest was draw brush only with the brand new BrushDetail option. (grab it from the buildbot and give it a spin!)

The workflow with this is blazingly fast!

Also, had some fun with shaders, as suggested earlier in the thread. Took a kind of a Pascal Blanche inspired path.

And some more shader fun.
These are the basic fresnel+mix with diffuse, glossy and emission. Nothing fancy.

Other side only roughed in, no detail. I’M SORRY, OK? :]

32 minutes sculpting from cube, around 40 minutes of material nodes fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, the building looks like its melting (then again, it’s quite a tricky concept, sculpting a building instead of box modeling it).

First go with the sculpt tools addon. Base shape with grease cut, and lots of extrude mask.