So... 2.93 LTS - So far so good?

Keeping my eye on this. Very few complaints in this forum, and no update since the day of release (when there was one).

No big crashes. No multiple updates. Very steady.

I’m gonna wait a little more, and give it a try.

Back in 1972 I took the same approach with cassette tape.

I’ll suggest to wait till 2.93.1 if you want stability.

Thanks, Xeofrios.

Does anyone have a strong opinion… should I “Install” or just download the FTP .zip files?

My history:
Always installed up to and including 2.79.
(For some reason) Downloaded 2.82.7.

I’m trying - mostly - to simplify the “preferences” and “startup file” process. Has it been a pain?

Hi usin geo nodes to distribute some vegitation, I experience a massive mem usage, when f12. First it might be 600 to 700 mb in blender. Then after a couple of rerenders this number goes haywire like 20 to 80 gb of ram, and computer hangs, starts to pagefile. In render window peak mem usage, is not affected. All this worked perfectly in 2.92

Found the bug(i think) , whenusing shrinkmap mudifier before gn, mem usage xplodes, gonna report bug onit.

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