So, alpha bug or not ?

I’ve read different posts, but i don’t understand…

I’ve set up a new scene with 2 planes and both alpha textured.
Sometimes, the texture of the farest plane is rendered in front of the
nearest plane( this is what i call the “alpha bug”)

So, the “alpha bug” is still present in 2.34 or not ?

If not, how to render the faces/textures in the right order ? :o

are the centers of the objects placed properly?

[they are seperate objects, right?]

… if you have a more complex mesh where merely sorting the centers of the objects isn’t good enough, press the ztransp button in the material buttons

"are the centers of the objects placed properly? "

-> i have to check that point …(thanks !)

-> Yes they are 2 separate objects

“press the ztransp button in the material buttons”

-> what is the purpose of the ztransp button ?
-> I have to use it before texturing or can I change the “ztransp”
after texturing ?

i have an object set to “add” and “doublesided” to make some volume light effect and an alpha mapped object that render in front but it shouldn’t? so the bug is still there i think…

Turning on “ztransp” enables face sorting, which farther faces being drawn on top of nearer ones. There are some limits though. Intersecting faces and double-sided faces can not be sorted properly. (They would have to be split, or duplicated, respectively.)

ok thanks for your posts. Now I think it’s clear.