so called table

still learning Yafray…

pity, that area lights doesn’t work as they should :frowning:


It’s a great idea for a table, beautiful dark color.
Close to minimalism but the curves tell me somehow it’s not.
The colors in the rendering are beautiful together with the grey background.
Good detail in the metallic tableholder.

thats a pretty neat idea -
nicely done too

the table is kinda cool, but in a worldly sense, I would never buy it.
all of the metal styling underneath would be way too heavy to move around.
The materials are good, though. The metal legs remind me of desks at school (except they had gum stuck to the bottom).

anywho, i’m only really posting to get my forum rating up.


Under lowest part of metal wave You’ve got 63cm - enough to fidget… :stuck_out_tongue:
besides degustibus non disputandum est, or somethin’ like that :smiley:

Thanks for all comments.

Really nice design for a table. I don’t think it would be too heavy if it was made out of aluminum or titanium, both of which can be chromed to get the look you have. I’d buy it. :smiley:

That’s pretty nice .) I’ve been wondering, how do you do such a background… i mean there’s a casted shadow, but no horisont or semething like that… that’s pretty cool… is that just a bended plane???

About background - simple subdivided, bended plane… nothing more, nothing less

Ah, yes, and a bunch of various lights…