So.....Can anyone convert the Poly Reducer script from Blender 2.49B to 2.63A?

Its just that I need that script to reduce my polygons, and I can’t use decimation modifier.

So if anyone knows how or can do this it would be a help.

Have you tried to open your blend file in 2.49 and do the poly reduction there? If the files from different versions are incompatible, you can always use obj export to get the geometry across.

That’s a good idea but doesn’t work if you want to automate the process. The Decimate modifier is buggy too and produces some bad polygons and folded surfaces especially is you use it on a terrain mesh. I voted for this to be looked at in the Google Summer of Code but I guess it isn’t ‘sexy’ enough despite being REALLY useful to have a working decimate. My work flow is to export the mesh as an OBJ and open it in MeshLab which has polygon reduction functions that work much better. Of course, I can’t use this automatically either! If I had more time I might look at the script from 2.49B, but I can’t see that happening for a while!