So, curious about Blender and Leopard

I have a Macbook. 2.4 ghz 2GB ram with Leopard pre installed. I have been working an a very important and special project for 2 years. My old computer has just broke so I had to get a new one and it came with Leopard. I guess I never thought that some apps wouldn’t work on leopard :confused: Anyways I am very nervous and concerned and I would appreciate if someone could provide the most updated information. I had trouble with the build that dave made and I don’t have much more money I can be spending. So, is either the blender team or apple working on this? I just sent feedback to apple because I hear it’s mostly their problem, but I guess the main question is, how long do you think I’d have to wait until I can start back up on my project with an official version of blender? Thanks so much.