So , does or doesnt ?

Hi .I have a question - does dloc detect collitions or doesnt.Mine does but what about others - some say does , some say doesnt.Does it depend on the comp or something…?

Well most of the time this motion causes the player walk trough walls and floors. You can fix that by adding this:

  • if you have 0.10 DLoc, use 1.0 Force on the same axis
  • if you have 0.10 DRot, use 1.0 Torque on the same axis
    This helps to fix the DLoc and DRot going trough walls.
    The going trough meshes thingy with DLoc and DRot happens most of the time when the player is moving on high speed (around 0.20 or highter) but I always use the force and torque fix :smiley: works really good.

Oh , now I get it , thanx for the info JD-multi :smiley: !