So, ever wanted to work for Nintendo?

I found this article to be pretty funny. It’s written by Douglas Crockford, who overseed “Maniac Mansion” conversion for good old NES system. I wonder if Nintendo still is as hard to work whit.

I think it’s all in Nintendo’s market, which is traditionally small people whose parents wouldn’t appreciate some of that content, which is understandable.

:o somewhat off-tangent, but i’ve been trying to remember the name of that game for the last 12 years! i remember playing it and it being ridiculously fun, but then i lost my copy and could never find another one! (how embarrassing is it to go into a video game store or ask people, “hey, do you know of a game with an evil scientist, some teenagers trying to save a cheerleader, some monsters and tentacles and stuff?”)

Maniac Mansion is a classic. I remember that game distinctly, and it’s copy protection which required a booklet full of codes in order to get through a safe door in the beginning of the game. My dad photocopied it along with the bootleg copy, but I later bought a legit version.

There’s a sequel too.

:o a sequel? and i thougt i had seen it all already! i’m off to Trade Zone to find this game.

Yes, the sequal is called “The Day of The Tentacle”. You get to timetravel this time. Only original kid from the first game is Bernard, other two playable characters are Hoagie and Laverne. And ofcourse the Edisons are there. And the tentacles.

And as for Nintendos politics, I do understand WHY they want bad elements out from their games, but let’s face it: Mario is a killer. Think of it, he’s always jumping on the heads of those poor mushoorms and crushing the shells of those poor, poor turtles. sob, sob. It sounds pretty bad, when you say it like that, doesn’t it :smiley:
Mario’s goal: KILL THE KING KOOPA. And safe the princess.

mario vs. PETA…i can see it already.