So go ahead and prove it! (game)

From a dare on the 2000 Scare thread (thank you arexma for both your proofs and the dare :)). I propose this:

We should start out with a generally “off the wall” or controversial statement, question or theory and then leave it up to the community to prove, one way or another, that it is indeed true or false. I would think that the more creatively the proof is presented the better that this thread could become. Of course there has to be a time for a new theory, question or statement to be thrown out there, so I guess if we can get three or more “that’s it” votes then the last poster (not just necessarily voters) on that topic has the honor and duty to present a new item of discussion that needs to be provided with proof. Of course, if anyone has a better idea how to change topics or game rules feel free to post them here, maybe we can figure something out that is ageeable, at least we should be able to. And PLEASE, no religious or political topics or answers! This is just for fun! Well, I guess that we will see where this goes from here… .

Okay, I’ll go first.
Question: Is it possible to get from eternity to here riding on the arrow of time?

So now, go ahead and prove it, yes or no!

No. Arrow of time is a statement.

IS THE CAKE A LIE? (sorry had to say that)

don’t be ridiculous!

we’ll start logically:
assuming there is a metaphoric arrow of time, there would have to be four things in place for it to exist,
-a fourth dimension [time]
-the three earlier dimensions [X,Y,Z]
however, many quantum theories suggest there is a fifth and sixth dimension in which the different possiblities of time are carried out, and that at evey infinite fraction of every second, there are an infinite amount of worlds created each with similar, but different outcomes that such an arrow would have to follow. and this is the replicated again and again forever, and infinity to the power of infitinity = a hell of a lot. no straight arrow could follow this many paths.

however I could also prove this theory wrong, and change my viewport view to the graph editor and the timeline.
therefore proving there is a metaphoric arrow. however if we look back at our first four requirements, we will see that the pixels on my screen represent a two-dimensional space only. therefore disproving the arrow and subsequently resulting in mashing my brain like boiled potatoes due to my complete lack of sleep and caffine.

anyway, what do we have to say about paul?

The Arrow of time is a term coined in the year 1927 (to the best of my knowledge) and it’s theory and such have changed in a way that would also seem perfectly reasonable in the case taht it was played backwards. (those events being, downhill rush of information and study, odd hype, extremely repetitive theories on times balance, typical research, thermo dynamic physical tests and lastly the complete dropping of the theory) The term itself represents an effect that is repeated in it’s own way. It’s own existence simply proves it’s own existence. The events played in reverse are equally realistic and thus it has complete understanding of it’s own statement.

Sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood trollman :slight_smile:

I couldn’t figure it out so that’s why I said the Pad answer.

He might have it! Although I will not cast a vote just yet. By the way TWS, you forgot to show work at arriving at your at your solution!

Also, I forgot to include another rule… No flame wars either! As the basic rule states on this forum:

Discuss things not related to Blender or Computer Graphics. Biggest rule is be nice and play with each other.

The wiki said it was a statement used often in britain.

Hmmmm? Interesting… I wonder if the arrow of time works this way as well, is it likely that by just playing the record backwards that we could go from here to eternity?

you could if you left it on repeat :wink: