So Here is my python problem

I would like to have mouse over on a ground mesh focus the camera to the center of each face you mouse over, unless the object is over X distance,

I will use this in conjunction with a Track-to-target on the player and have him walk to the point you click, to move the player around, like Diablo but in 3d

I r failing though…


MouseSystem.blend (424 KB)

I made a demo for something similar a while back.
The demo is a space ship and is attached. It was intended to be developed into a framework for an RTS, but never got beyond this point.
It should be fine for your purposes.
Have a look at the script “keyPoint”

top down rts.blend (335 KB)

I need to hack this into what I have…

I want the player to move like diablo while not in a vehicle, and then switch controls when
getting into a vehicle, it might be easier to do a different way, but I already have a vision of what this game will look like when its done